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Biglemoi with Julie Odell and People Museum
Friday June 28, 2019 10:00 pm (Doors: 9:00 pm )
Biglemoi is a bilingual Indie Rock band that combines elements of different musical cultures. Comprised of five members from all around the world, the band´s geographical diversity adds a welcome variety of both personal and cultural influences to their music. The project is led by a duo of lyrical melodic vocalists and instrumentalists from Nicaragua and Spain with a vast background in the traditional Nicaraguan song and contemporary classical music, respectively. Supported by hard driving guitar riffs from a lead guitarist with deep roots in jazz and blues, and anchored by the groove of a rhythm section from New Orleans, Biglemoi has a truly unique sound that connects with big audiences from all around the world. 

These geographical elements and the different musical backgrounds of all its members, make thoughtful and unpredictable songs snapped together by sudden flourishes of technicality and creative arrangements. As a result, Biglemoi brings to the table a healthy mix of styles with the best rock and roll ingredients.

Biglemoi is: 
George Elizondo - vocals, guitar
Violeta del Rio - keyabord, synth, vocals
Jeremy Marx - guitar
Matthew Bigelow - bass
Jonathan Arceneaux - drums
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