Saturday, June 24

Chances with Wolves (…in the front Lounge)

Date: 06/24/2017 Tickets: FREE Doors: 10:00 PM (Show 11:00 PM) Buy Tickets
Chances With Wolves have brought back the magic of the radio show. Kenan, Kray and Mikey Palms are the DJ’s behind the name, recording at the East Village Radio Storefront in New York City. Unlike many radio shows, which race to play the newest releases, the weekly show occupies no specific time, genre, or marketed image. Their carefully chosen selection of rare music ranges from old soul, 90’s hip hop, 50’s throwback, to things you can’t categorize, introducing and re-introducing artists and songs to their large underground following. The tapestry of eccentric music mixed with sound effects, samples from old films and TV, and their trademark wolf howl, make your listening experience both whimsical and haunting. What struck me after listening to a few episodes of their show was how you felt after hearing it. The show leaves you with both a nostalgic and comforting feeling, derived from their old radio station vibe and the old familiar songs that they’ve dug up before they were covered by a more popular artist.. and a happy feeling, from their optimistic song selection and playful, laid back commentary. They play feel good, beautiful music. Very simply, their show is a path to your past, your heart, and your soul. We asked the DJ’s, who continue to inspire us, to show us some things in creative spaces that inspire them.